This is the policy page, mainly for current and future admins of the Shostakovich Wiki.

Current administrators Edit

Administrators: Nick Lewis, Opus 113, Kenneth Gill

Policies Edit

Deletion of Articles Edit

  1. Always delete with a fully articulated reason.
  2. Do not delete contested changes or pages. In other words, delete only when it is absolutely certain. Examples of being certain includes:
    1. Empty work pages (unless newly created, or the creator has intention of using it)
    2. Empty work pages (unless newly created). This also includes work pages that have become empty because the files on it are not in the public domain (see "Deletion of Images" below).
    3. Redirect pages should not be removed. This is because external sites may link to these pages.
  3. If there is a contested change or page, please clarify the situation before doing anything.

Deletion of Images Edit

  1. Delete only images which clearly violate copyright. In cases of uncertainty, please clear the matter up with the uploader, or contact Nick Lewis.
  2. Always write the full reason for copyright violation in the deletion reason (ex. "image not in PD because it was published less than 50 years ago"). Also, please leave a message on the user's talk page with the full reason for removal.

Blocking of Users Edit

  1. Please only block users which are clearly vandalizing. Always give the benefit of the doubt. In cases which are ambiguous please contact the user via his/her talk page first, and wait for a response.
  2. Examples of "clearly" vandalizing include:
    1. Posting links to irrelevant sites.
    2. Mass blanking of pages. Note that some people who are new to wikis might unintentionally blank a page; in this case revert the change and contact the user via his/her talk page.
    3. Mass moving of pages to irrelevant names.
  3. Please give valid and articulated reasons when blocking users.

Length of Blocking Edit

  1. For "clearly" vandalizing, the length of the block should be infinite.
  2. For everything else, don't block. An exception to this might be if the user does not respond to the request you've put on his/her talk page, and continues to do erroneous actions. In such cases, block the user for a very limited period of time, and request that they check their talk page in the block reason.